Having earned the highest degree possible in the field of Fiction and Creative Nonfiction, and a background in marketing and web development, Robynne is well-prepared to help you achieve your writing goals. With eight books published, and more on the way, she not only understands the industry and academic skillset needed for writers … she understands the emotional journey of an author, too. This unique three-pronged expertise (writing, publishing, and marketing) positions her beautifully to help you achieve your writing goals.

Services Offered


Do you need someone to help you plot out a writing plan? Brainstorm a project? Problem-solve a manuscript issue? Work with you on mechanics? Offer you critique and encouragement on a regular basis? If so, coaching might be for you. One on one input means you’ll confidently define and meet your particular writing objectives.

Pro Tip: Coaching is often the quickest way to achieve your writing goals. With an experienced professional helping you avoid pitfalls and rabbit trails, you’ll get to your destination quicker, and with infinitely better results.


Do you have absolutely no idea where to start? Is marketing a scary, unachievable subject that gives you the shivers? Do you wish you could avoid it altogether, but know it’s a necessary part of a writer’s journey? Don’t despair! I can walk you through the components for defining your audience and discovering how to reach and serve them well.

Pro Tip #1: Marketing is no longer something only the self-published must deal with. Traditional publishers expect significant effort and investment by their authors.

Pro Tip #2: The most effective marketing plans start to take shape after the first workable draft* is complete. That is the best time to pull together your goals and the steps to achieve them. (*a workable draft means a completed manuscript which may need editing and tightening, etc., but is complete in terms of story or structure, and the themes, takeaway, and target audience are well-defined)


Do you need a pair of eyes on your short or book-length manuscript? Is there a problem with a chapter or the whole project you can’t quite identify? Or are you just looking for one last look over before you submit to an agent, editor, or publisher? I can help! With more than a thousand projects under my belt, I can help you through the final polish of your manuscript.

Pro Tip: Substantive Editing is looking at the whole project to discover any issues with theme, narrative arc, or overall story and structure. Copy-editing looks only at spelling, grammar, and formatting.

Depending on your needs and location, written critiques are usually handled through email, but live consultation can be handled through Skype, phone, Google Hangouts, or whichever method is most comfortable.

To schedule a free, no obligation twenty minute consultation to see if I can meet your writing needs, please use the contact form on this page or email Robynne at robynne@robynnemiller.com with the following information:

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  • Level of experience (ie: new, published, changing genres, etc.)
  • And a brief description of what you’re looking for