Robynne Elizabeth Miller, MFA

Robynne once thought writing was her singular passion. It IS like air to her, after all. But as she pressed into her own writing journey, especially as she completed her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction and Fiction, she learned she had an equal love for teaching, coaching, and inspiring other authors. Saturate writing and teaching with a healthy dose of American history, and you have what Robynne is all about.

Robynne has authored eight nonfiction books as well as numerous articles, essays, and stories. Most of these first books deal with pioneer or Little House on the Prairie based subjects. But Robynne also writes extensively on a wide range of topics across multiple genres. Through essays, blog posts, fiction, and her teaching curriculum, she looks at the present and past with eyes seeking to bring the best of both together. Currently, she’s working on a combined nonfiction/YA fiction project which deals with navigating an increasingly multi-cultural world.

Robynne speaks, teaches, edits, and coaches authors across a variety of areas. She’s taught at workshops, mini-masterminds, retreats, and writer’s conferences along the west coast and has spoken nationally. She is also the director of the Vision Christian Writers’ Conference at Mount Hermon, California.

Robynne lives with her British husband, and the youngest of their four cheeky children, in northwest Oregon, having left the snowy woods of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California shortly before COVID. When not writing, Robynne loves singing, felling trees, and making bacon from scratch.